Sunday, 10 July 2016

Escorts In Ibiza & Marbella

You would think that having the opportunity to live and work in either Ibiza or Marbella – or even both – would be a dream come true. Especially if you were given the chance to spend time in the company of some of the sexiest, nicest and most charming Ibiza escorts and Marbella escorts. Well it certainly has its charms and I am not going to complain; I know that I would have absolutely zero sympathy for me if I were on the outside looking in!

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But the reality is that work is work and a job is a job. At the end of the day, it does not matter how glamorous a locale is if you do not have the opportunity to do anything differently than you would in a less attractive location. Working on websites, building advertising campaigns, keeping an eye on how everything is going, tracking the day to day operations of the business; all of those are the same whether you are doing them in Ibiza, Marbella, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona or Wolverhampton.

Well, OK, not really. Promoting the services of the sexiest escort Marbella has to offer, or making potential customers aware of the best escort Ibiza can supply is a lot more fun and relaxing on a sun lounger by a pool, or sat in a cafe near the marina in Ibiza than it is working from a back bedroom in the English Midlands. The upsides are obvious; beautiful scenery and locations, warm sunshine and great weather, sexy girls all around all the time, and the chance to swim in the Mediterranean at the drop of a hat (laptop permitting of course!)

But the downsides are there too; lack of sleep, or at best sleeping at strange hours and in short snatches for several months a year. Never being able to get away from the heat unless you retreat to an air conditioned room, in which case you get sinus issues. Hanging around with beautiful women can be very enjoyable but it is also distracting! And deadlines; everything is always on a deadline. The tempo of working the summer seasons in Marbella and Ibiza is not too dissimilar to being in the armed services; hours of boredom followed by minutes of activity and blind terror! No, not really, but it makes for a good gag.
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But the worst thing about the summer in Marbella and ibiza when you work there is always the same; the things you cannot do. If you work with an escort agency you are likely to be on call one way or another all summer. Day and night are pretty much all the same in that regard. So chilling by the pool at one of the beach clubs such as Nikki Beach or Ocean Club with a few drinks is not happening. It is awkward anyway as half of your escort colleagues are there “on duty” with clients! And having a night off to visit Space, Pacha, Amnesia, DC10 or Privilege has to be planned ahead and all sorts of arrangements made (assuming you run a tight ship with no excess in the team).

But screw it, I have no complaints. I have worked in other industries and environments. And writing this blog post while sipping a tall ice cold drink and watching people swim is a hell of a lot better than most of them!